Multiple Cycle Discount

Three-for-Two IVF Financial Option:

We want to provide as many options as possible for families to achieve their dream of becoming pregnant. For patients who do not have IVF coverage through their insurance company and may not apply for the Shared Risk Program, we offer another option – The Three-for-Two program. This program enables the patient to do up to three IVF cycles for the cost of two cycles. Therefore, a patient pays for two cycles but is able to have three cycle attempts for pregnancy. These cycles would include all fresh and/or frozen cycles during that time frame up to a maximum of three fresh cycles. A fresh cycle is complete when an oocyte retrieval is performed.

This program was developed to allow patients another option for financing of their IVF cycle. This is a non-refundable program and therefore no refund is given whether or not a pregnancy occurs. However, this has been a very attractive option for many of our patients. 

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