Do you ovulate with breakfast?

Everyone knows they should eat breakfast every day for a variety of reasons -- kickstarting your energy levels, avoiding overeating or unhealthy snacks later, and supporting a balanced diet. But how many of us don't have time? Or consider coffee our breakfast? Or swipe a granola bar and call it good?

Get the Facts about Breakfast

A recent study comparing 60 women with irregular periods demonstrated that the controlled group who had their largest meal of the day at breakfast began to ovulate at a much higher rate than those who did not. The women consuming more calories in the a.m. also showed decreased glucose and insulin levels, and testosterone levels significantly lower, about 50 percent.

Of course, a breakfast of cinnamon rolls dripping in frosting daily or a sausage, bacon, and cheese McGriddle (those are the kind soaked in syrup) might not be the type of calories we're talking about! Aim for high-protein foods, good fats, and vitamins. Oatmeal (with low sugar), whole-wheat toast, eggs, yogurt, granola, and bananas are just some of the many options you can try.

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Dr. Melanie Ochalski

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