How to have a peaceful night - and improve fertility!

Have you ever fallen asleep with your light on? Or just left the hall light on to see in case you need to get up? Recent studies have shown that keeping the lights off during the night can improve fertility because of light’s negative effect on melatonin at night.

The hormone, secreted by a gland in your brain, goes into action while it’s dark. Melatonin protects eggs from stress as well as damage from free-radicals during ovulation. The studies suggest women trying to conceive should have at least eight hours of darkness at night, at regular times, so the body’s biological clock expects the melatonin production. Mark, you don’t have to be sound asleep during the eight-hour stretch, but at least resting in the dark.

Improves Fetal Development

If you become pregnant, the darkness at night can continue to help your developing fetus. So keep in mind when you’re ready to turn out the lights – no light passing through windows, glows from screens, or turning the light on in the middle of that period.

When trying to conceive, aim to set aside the time each night to relax, rest, and allow your body the darkness it needs to protect your eggs. For more information on other steps you can take to protect your fertility, give us a call at717-747-3099 or click here to schedule an appointment.


Dr. Melanie Ochalski

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