Why Should I Be Thankful?

As the holidays creep closer, sometimes it can be hard to be thankful with the pressure and preparations we’re managing every day. From time to cook extra-special meals and treats, coordinate and plan family get-togethers, host or attend many holiday gatherings, and of course, the bills that accompany generosity this time of year, it’s no wonder we find ourselves griping instead of grateful. There are a few things about feeling thankful you might not realize.

Gratitude Attitude

When you’re feeling down, distracted, or just plain unhappy, take a moment to stop and think of something you’re grateful for. You’ll soon realize that the momentary pause will result in a complete change of perspective. When you remember to be thankful for your health, for your family here with you, and for even small things like tasty food or a great TV show to watch, whatever you’re upset about will likely pale in comparison. And even if it doesn’t, because we all have gigantic struggles in our lives, you’ll feel more supported and equipped to face those trials with the right attitude.

It may seem trite, or as if we’re saying you should just pretend to be happy. Put it into practice and you’ll see how it changes your life. Negativity will dissipate, and you’ll find not only your outlook but those around you might be changed for the better. Even in a traffic jam while just trying to get home.

For suggestions on other ways to improve your outlook, give us a call at 717-747-3099 or click here to schedule an appointment.


Dr. Melanie Ochalski

P.S. One thing to be grateful for is fertility treatments you can afford. Read more at our treatment page.

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