Do You Have a Dream Team?

Sometimes, conceiving a child can be a group effort. If you’ve been trying for awhile, you might have worries about tests, procedures, money, and more, on top of the stress of waiting and wanting to have a child. Trying out our fertility support, you’ll find not only doctors, but a whole team ready to stand with you from the tiny details to the big decisions.

So Thankful

After years of trying on our own, we heard about The Fertility Center from a friend who was also going through treatment, and started our process in 2010.

Our biggest fears included not understanding what in vitro fertilization was, all the medications we might have to take, the financial burden, and anything else we could find to worry about! The Fertility

Center took away all the fears we had.

We call the center our dream team because they were so attentive to our needs and really cared for us. Each time we visited and every time we called, they made us feel like we were the only clients they had. They answered every question we had and also answered the phone so kindly we never felt that anyone did not have time for us. What I remember best is that when I was so emotional and thought we could not take another step, they were right there encouraging us that we could do it!

We have and still do recommend The Fertility Center, they gave me the best gift I could ever ask for; I could never say enough nice things about them!

- Kate Barto

It might seem hard to be thankful for other things if you feel like you’ve been waiting for a small bundle to be thankful for. To experience our team and how we can help, give us a call at 717-747-3099 or click here to schedule an appointment.


Dr. Melanie Ochalski

P.S. To get to know some of our staff, check out our About Us page online!

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