National Infertility Awareness Week is April 19th - 25th

While sometimes it seems like no one knows what we’re going through as we face infertility struggles, many women and men are affected by the challenge. During April 19 – 25, known as National Infertility Awareness Week, we can help support each other and those who are suffering in silence not to feel ashamed and to know they are not alone in the struggle. We can also be a voice for all those who have ever faced infertility offering hope and peace.

As April brings wet showers and fresh flowers, a symbol of birth and newness, use your conversation, your social media presence, and your actions to be that voice. The most powerful way to do so is to share your own story, whether through a public setting or in private conversations. If those you share with have questions, feel free to dispel a few myths of infertility.

Break the Myth

  • Infertility is not about a sexual disorder or doing something wrong. It’s a medical condition.

  • It’s not a sign that you or anyone else shouldn’t be parents. That’s a painful thing to hear, but just like other medical conditions that strike without warning or specific cause (think cancer or even the flu), it’s nothing that was under anyone’s control.

  • Infertility cannot always be cured with just being patient. In some cases, people who have continuously tried for over a year have resulted in conception. About half of others will respond to treatment with a successful pregnancy.

  • Women aren’t the only ones who suffer from infertility – one in eight people are affected by infertility including men.

  • For those facing infertility, adoption is not always the right solution.

  • While stress can add to fertility problems, it’s not the cause of infertility.

For more details on how to support those facing infertility, or factual details about the medical problem, try these links: Fertility Facts and Myths You Need to Know; 10 Things to Stop Doing if You Want to Support Someone with Infertility; How Can I Support a Friend with Infertility?

Please join with us this month in spreading hope for all those facing infertility issues. If you want to ask any questions or schedule an appointment visit our website at


Dr. Melanie Ochalski

P.S. For stories of hope to share, visit our patients’ stories page here:!our-patients-stories/c5t9

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