Summer Spice

Try these out if you’re looking for ways to punch up your summer – they can be as intense or low-key as you like!

  • Visit a lake or a river. Consider a boat rental, maybe trying out water skis, or a kayak. Maybe do some fishing. Soak in the atmosphere.

  • Grill or barbecue it up. Grab some burgers, watermelon, and cold beer (or chilled wine). Enjoy the sizzle on the grill and hanging out with friends or family.

  • Go for a long bike ride, or a run if you like to run. Find a local rail trail or tackle a neighborhood you like to be in. You’ll clear your head and the exercise will make you feel great.

  • If you like the outdoors, plan a weekend camping trip. Make a bonfire, roast some marshmallows, have a picnic, and sit around and read.

  • Enjoy some public displays of affection. Make out on the beach, hold hands while eating ice cream, take a walk arm in arm, etc. Summer is a time when many romantic memories are made.

  • Grab a blanket and head out to look at the stars one night, maybe on a rooftop, if there’s not a lot of light pollution, or a quiet field or lawn. Put some bug spray on and count, or dream, or wish.

  • Grab a book and head outside. Sit on the porch, deck, or patio, or visit an outdoor café or park bench. Even if you just end up people watching, sitting down and relaxing with some great material in your lap is surprisingly relaxing.

So get out there and soak in some sun (with sunscreen, of course). If you’d like to schedule an appointment to find out more ways to focus on both making memories now and trying to build a family, give us a call at 717-747-3099 or click the link below to schedule an appointment.

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