Top 5 Myths about Infertility

There are plenty of old wives’ tales floating around when it comes to the matter of getting pregnant. Can you tell fact from convincing fiction? Find out the truth about trying to conceive. Here are five commonly believed myths that we will dispel once and for all!

1. Having sex every day increases chance of conception.

While having sex more often may increase the odds of becoming pregnant, it will only occur if ovulation is simultaneous. Conception cannot occur without ovulation!

2. Drinking green tea boosts fertility.

Green tea does have lots of good antioxidants and some studies suggest it may aid in fertility. However, there are no diets or supplements that have been shown to significantly improve fertility. In addition, excessive caffeine does have negative effectives on fertility.

3. Vaginal lubrication helps sperm to swim faster.

The body’s natural cervical mucus helps sperm to be most successful. Other lubrication can actually hinder sperm from travelling further or kill them.

4. Lay on your back with hips raised for 20 minutes after sex.

Lying down after intercourse may give a few more sperm the chance to make their way up the reproductive tract and achieve conception, but there is no evidence that doing this makes it any more likely that you will become pregnant.

5. Mountain Dew lowers a man’s sperm count.

Don’t worry, gentlemen. Drinking this beverage will not hurt chances of conceiving. The rumors about the effects of the drink’s yellow no. 5 coloring is just an urban legend. However, the high caffeine content may be detrimental to fertility, but no more so than any other source of caffeine.

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