Seven Ways to Keep It (Relatively) Healthy This Halloween

Halloween is an absolute blast when you’re a kid. From buying costumes to running around the neighborhood with friends to gorging yourself on candy…most of us have great memories of late October.

But as an adult, Halloween is Temptation City! Everywhere you look, it’s all treats, all the time. And for most of us, that’s not a fun place to be.

It’s easy to give in to temptation and over-indulge. But the effects that you feel afterward, both physically and mentally, just aren’t worth it (I speak from experience here!).

Here are seven tricks to help you enjoy the Halloween season in a healthier way:

  • Make smart choices. I’m not one to suggest you give up sweets entirely. But choose wisely! Treats like M&Ms, 3 Musketeers bars, and York Peppermint Patties are lower in calories than other candies. Dark chocolate is an especially good choice since it contains body-loving antioxidants...which also boost fertility for both men and women.

  • Purchase candy on Halloween morning. Most people buy candy for trick-or-treaters weeks before Halloween — and that big bag of sweets in the cabinet can be very tempting! Instead, head out on Halloween morning to pick up your loot. You’ll still have plenty of time before trick-or-treaters arrive in the afternoon.

  • Make your own healthy treats. Satisfy your sweet tooth with homemade creations. Rice Krispies treats, apple slices with caramel dip, and chocolate-covered fruit can help satisfy your sweet tooth without tons of added sugar found in candy bars. Refined white sugars may lower your chances of conceiving, so stick to healthy natural sugars as much as possible.

  • Add in exercise. To balance out the sweet treats, add in some more of the good stuff…by which, I mean exercise! Take a walk around the neighborhood in the morning. Go for a family bike ride. Spend an extra 30 minutes at the gym. Mixify is a cool tool to help you find a healthy balance between what you eat, drink, and do. It’s interesting to see just how that candy bar affects your body! Moderate exercise also increases your fertility, so it’s a double whammy!

  • Stick to small bites. Portion control is a biggie when it comes to Halloween. Go for small, fun-size candies rather than big bars when you treat yourself. If you have large candy bars around the house, cut them up into smaller pieces and freeze them, to prevent the all-too-easy trap of overeating.

  • Brush your teeth. With the extra sugar of Halloween goodies, make sure you’re doing an extra good job taking care of your teeth. There is evidence to support that gum disease can decrease your chances of getting pregnant almost as much as obesity. So be extra careful to keep your pearly whites clean this time of year.

  • Donate the excess. Instead of living with pounds and pounds of candy around the house, considering donating some to those in need. Operation Gratitude is a great charity that takes candy donations and sends them to the troops.

And here’s a little bonus tip to stay healthy: make sure to take ample “me-time” if seeing happy children this time of year makes you a little sad. It’s completely normal for people dealing with infertility to feel melancholy on holidays that revolve around little ones. Keep an eye on your email — I’ll be sharing some self-care tips to help you feel better at the end of the month!

The bottom line when it comes to finding a healthy balance at Halloween is not to be too hard on yourself. Depriving yourself is no fun and beating yourself up for indulging is no good either. So if you want to indulge, by all means, do! Savor every bite — it will make you less likely to overdo it…plus, life’s just better when it’s enjoyed!

For more healthy tips to increase your chances of getting pregnant, come in for an appointment! Contact us at 717-747-3099 or click on the button below to schedule yours.

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