Adorable Yet Classy

It’s almost Easter, which is a bit earlier than usual this year. If you’re hosting, or even if you’re headed somewhere and want a creative hostess present, here is a cute spring craft that combines a little gardening with a little painting. Crafting can be good for the soul, and serves as both a stress reliever and a distraction from heavy things on your mind.

Spray-Painted Mason Jars


  • Mason jars, any shape and size

  • Krylon spray paint in your favorite Spring color(s)

  • Small bag of potting soil

  • Small flowers in dirt, such as alyssum

Flip your jars to have the opening down, and spray paint the outside of each jar the color you want. Stick with light coatings, with even spray. Let the first coat set for about ten minutes then follow up with a second coat. Repeat until you’ve got some nice coverage. Let the jars dry for about 24 hours.

Next, make a paper funnel into the mouth of your jar, and scoop in the potting soil. Transplant a small bunch of flowers into the jar, adding extra soil as needed on top. The jars can be done now, or you can add other features, such as vinyl silhouettes like bunnies or Easter eggs, or mix it up with polka dots, etc.!

This craft is so easy to do, and it brightens any table setting. The flowers can be replanted outside once the ground officially thaws, so it’s also a great hostess gift!

Spring is a time of year of new birth, whether its flowers or friends having babies. And sometimes, it can be hard to struggle through it. Please feel free to contact us anytime to find out how we can help you on your path to fertility, or provide education and support by calling 717-747-3099 or clicking on the button below. You can also watch our free webinar found here.

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