Working Out to Regulate Your Cycle

While exercise is definitely key to healthy living, too little or too much can affect your fertility. Since one of the first steps to conception is having a regular menstrual cycle, you can pursue exercise options that help your body regulate your cycle, thus much improving your odds of becoming pregnant. Give this 28-day workout schedule a try!

Exercises to Match Your Body’s Needs

  • Days 1 - 5, during your period: Increase you sleep by at least 30 minutes a day during this time, and if cramping is too unbearable, skip the workouts altogether. If you’re OK to exercise, rest the first two days, go on a walk for a half an hour on day three, rest on day four, and plan a yoga workout for day five.

  • Days 6 and 7: If you’re feeling more energetic, try a more intense workout, such as jumping rope, weight lifting, etc. for 20 minutes on day 6, and play a sport on day 7. If you’re not feeling up to it though, repeat a 30-minute walk and yoga exercise for these days.

  • Day 8 – 14: You should be feeling an uptick in energy, but not quite full throttle yet. Try a day of jogging or swimming on day 8, then a weight lifting day, and a sport day, followed by resting on day 11. Then do another weight training workout with some cardio, have a lighter, more fun workout on day 13 such as a hike or yoga, and rest on day 14.

  • Days 15 - 21: You’ll feel even more energy this week, so let’s aim for more moderate exercise. Day 15 and 16 should be playing a sport or other activity with moderate intensity, and then rest on day 17. For day 18, go for a hike with some running intervals, or do some yoga for an hour. Day 19, plan on a bodyweight workout, and do a long, slow walk on day 20. For day 21, aim for 45 minutes of cardio or play a sport.

  • Days 22 – 28, you might be experiencing some PMS symptoms. Rest on day 22 this week, then do about 45 minutes of cardio on day 23. The next day, go for a long hike with running intervals, and complete a yoga workout on day 25. Complete some weight lifting on day 26, and take a long walk on day 27. Aim for an hour of moderate intensity on day 28 by playing a sport or going for a jog.

Try repeating this plan for three months, and watch to see if your menstrual cycle regulates itself. The type and intensity levels of each week are designed to match what your body is experiencing. And even if your period doesn’t even out, the workouts are still good for your overall health! If you’d like more ideas on how to improve your fertility through healthy living, or have any questions about how you can conceive, please contact us anytime at 717-747-3099 or click on the button below.


Dr. Melanie Ochalski

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