What Can You Do?

If you’ve ever faced infertility, you know you can feel incredibly alone. Many people have misconceptions about its causes or who it can affect. For National Infertility Awareness Week, April 23-29, what can you do? You can help others feel supported and not alone by spreading awareness.

Help Spread Awareness

  • Learn more about infertility. You can visit http://www.thefertilitycenter.com or check out resolve.org.

  • Share a blog or video about your fertility journey.

  • Talk with people you know about the story of your infertility.

  • Incorporate awareness by using the phrase “the disease of infertility” to help normalize it.

  • Share this list of 25 things to say and not to say.

  • Honor someone living with infertility with a donation to help improve fertility research.

  • Help normalize family building options of all types by learning more about them and supporting those who have made any choice to grow (or not to grow!) a family.

  • Explore (or share!) these personal assessment tools.

You can also get involved with a local support group, volunteer at events, learn about legislation, and work with your employer to offer infertility treatment as a healthcare benefit.

Even if you’re not up for spreading awareness by sharing your own story yet, you can spend time with family or friends who support you as you travel your infertility journey. Infertility is a disease that many, many face, and because of its emotional trauma, we often don’t talk about it. But this can create stigmas and allow misinformation to spread. If you have any concerns you’d like to discuss with a doctor, or any support you want as you work through infertility, contact us anytime at 717-747-3099 or click on the button below.


Dr. Robert Filer

P.S. If you’d like to learn more but don’t want to commit to a phone call or a visit just yet, you can check out our free webinar here.

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