Have You Tried Any of These Tips?

It’s not just women who wish for a little one to hold. Guys, even if they don’t express it, might be desperate to be a parent as well. And just like there are things women can do to prepare their bodies for the best chance at conception, so can men. This week, we bring you a list of tips to boost your odds.

Quick Tips

  1. Lose that extra weight. Even if your partner is in the healthy range, if you are overweight, studies show it might take you longer to conceive. Your weight might also affect sperm quality.

  2. Manage any ongoing health conditions. Whether it’s high blood pressure, diabetes, or even meds you might be on to help manage your mental health, they could negatively affect your chances of conceiving. Talk to your doctor to make sure your body is ready.

  3. Hit the gym regularly. Even if it’s just for stress relief, it will be beneficial to conception. It’s probably worth it to stay away from cycling too much though, to make sure sperm aren’t affected.

  4. Take a multivitamin. It can help balance your hormones, and maybe even slightly improve sperm count and movement because of the antioxidants included.

  5. Quit smoking. Men who smoke are more likely to suffer from sperm not able to move well, as well as sperm that aren’t formed correctly.

If you and your partner are trying to make healthy choices to build a family, you can take steps like these to get there. Even better, you can talk to one of our specialists and make sure you’re getting exactly the right treatment to reach your goals.

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Dr. Bob Filer

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