Can You Get Pregnant from a High Five?

“I set my worries aside and allowed my body to do its job.”

If you’re trying to conceive a little one, there are steps both you and your partner can take to help boost your chances. And one you should probably add to your regular routine is to workout – and why not do it together?

Take these ideas from Fitness magazine and use them to have a great time at the gym, and to improve your chances of having a baby of your own. A strong heart, balanced hormones, and a body weight in a healthy range are all important parts of conception.

Workout for Two

  • Hook squats: Stand back-to-back with partner with your knees over your ankles. Squat down and hold each other up, and then walk in a circle, back-to-back, maintaining the squat. Count to 20, holding the squat, then walk in a circle the other direction. Repeat for three sets.

  • Alternating box jump: Pick a box (or a step aerobics step with some height) and place it between you. Take turns alternating a jump onto the box, landing lightly on your feet in a small squat. Do 15 or 20 (each) for one set, and repeat two or three times.

  • Push up high five: Face your partner about arms-length apart. Get in pushup position, hands directly under your shoulders, and tighten your abs. Do a push up at the same time, and when you get back to the top, give each other a high five. Do as many as you can until you burn out.

  • Seated medicine ball twist: Sit on mats facing each other, feet out in front of you with knees slightly bent, back and shoulders straight and tall. One of you should lean back slightly to balance on your tailbone, then pick up a medicine ball and move it quickly from your right to your left side, twisting to work your obliques. Do ten, then toss the ball to your partner, who also completes ten. Repeat the sequence until you’ve both done three sets.

  • Crisscross crunches: Get in crunch position on the floor, knees bent. Lock your feet with your partner’s, who should be in the same position. Then crunch up, keeping legs stable. Complete three sets of 10 crunches each.

Getting in shape can make a surprising difference to improve both you and your partner’s chances of fertility.

If you’re looking for other ideas to strengthen your odds of conception, make an appointment with us and we can help you reach your goals! Schedule an appointment today by calling 717-747-3099 or clicking the button below.


Dr. Bob Filer

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