Other women have said this about infertility…

You’re not alone, I promise.

About 12 percent of women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the U.S. have trouble getting pregnant or carrying to full term. - U.S. Centers for Disease Control

Walking through infertility is no easy task. Many of us have been there. And we spend all day, every day walking alongside patients on this difficult journey as well. We’re in the trenches with you, and we hear you as you face the different decisions, emotions, and daily ups and downs. Here’s what we hear most from our patients about this tough road:

  • It’s frustrating when you’re young and healthy, and everyone around you is getting pregnant at the drop of a hat. Especially when you’ve never had bad habits like smoking, and things just seem not to work.

  • Insensitive comments can be so hurtful even when they’re not intended to be. Many people even think they’re being helpful, saying it’ll happen when it’s meant to, or that it’s OK to have a miscarriage because you still have time.

  • The waiting, and waiting, and waiting. It’s exhausting, to be thinking about the next step, waiting for the next month, trying the next option and waiting to see if there are any results.

Feeling alone, as if you’re the only one to suffer. While the percentage in the stat above might seem small, that’s still one in eight women all around you that are facing the same diagnosis. Even if the reasons might be different, the tension is likely the same.

Going through infertility on your way to build your family is definitely a hard road. We won’t tell you it’s all flowers and sunshine, but we will sit with you through the rough times and help you find a way through.

If you’ve been trying to add to your family and things just aren’t working, please come in to see us. Schedule a visit today with the button below.


Dr. Julie Drolet

P.S. You’re not alone. Come in to our offices today and you’ll feel the support and benefit from the knowledge of our caring staff.

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