The Christmas season is good for conception

Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. For those who love with their hearts and souls, there is no separation. – Rumi

The holiday with the highest conception rate? Christmas – followed closely by New Year’s.

This time of year can have such a tension between joy and pain if you’re struggling with grief. The good news is that it’s a very successful time of year to conceive. However, it’s also OK to feel at a loss for how to deal with grief.

Tips for Coping with Grief

To get through times when you might feel sad, here are some tips this holiday season:

  1. Set realistic limits for yourself. This year is different if you’ve experienced a loss. Look over your responsibilities and what you might need to remove from your plate. If others offer to help cook, shop, or decorate, take them up on it.

  2. Allow yourself all the feelings. Grieving can hit you out of the blue sometimes. You might feel angry, or lonely, or even bright joy – and all of those are OK to feel. Everyone grieves differently. Laughing and having fun does not mean you don’t miss your lost one.

  3. Add traditions. Even if you didn’t have long with your little one, you can honor them at the holidays. Light a candle in honor of them. Put a bouquet of flowers on your holiday table in memory of them. Visit their gravestone and decorate the memorial for the holidays. Place a commemorative ornament on the tree for them.

  4. Draw comfort from helping others. Consider giving a financial gift in memory of your loved one. Invite a guest over who might otherwise be by themselves for the holiday. Spend time volunteering for a cause you’re passionate about.

This holiday season, if you’ve experienced a loss, try to embrace joy while also living through the pain.

If you’d like to continue the journey to having a family, make an appointment to see us when you’re ready. Maybe next year’s holidays will be with a little one!

Please schedule an appointment by calling 717-747-3099 or clicking on the button below.


Dr. Bob Filer

P.S. Even if you’ve tried other treatments or worked with another center, we are happy and willing to work with you, picking up where you left off.

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