Are You Getting Enough?

Rest and be thankful. - William Wordsworth

If you consistently do not rest and sleep enough, you are at a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, headaches, and depression.

And then you woke up and felt amazing.

You know when I have that feeling? When I’ve gotten enough rest on a regular basis. Normally, I confess, I stay up late trying to hit as many items on the to-do list as I can. Or worrying about stressors in my life. Sometimes there’s the occasional binge of Netflix, but more often than not, it’s not terribly enjoyable things that are keeping me from rest.

Why do we need to rest and sleep so much? Four hours should be enough, right??!

Sleep helps us process memories, and helps us learn better as our brains are solidifying concepts we discovered or practiced during the day. It helps repair muscle tissue and balance our hormones to help with weight and appetite (go figure that sleeping better could also help me make better choices about what I eat). And of course, sleep restores your energy.

It’s recommended you get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each night, so you can get the most REM sleep sessions in. It’s the most restorative type of sleep and is about 25 percent of the time you spend sleeping.

So how can we do better to actually rest when we’re tired and get enough sleep?

  • Commit to rest time. Clear your schedule at the end of the day instead of packing it full until you can barely keep your eyes open.

  • Do restful activities sometimes... things you find restorative that don’t take too much energy – reading, taking a bath, going for a walk, or calling a friend just to talk.

  • Try to set up a schedule and stick to it – get up at the same time every day, and go to bed at the same time every night. This helps your body be restful.

  • Watching TV while in bed or working on your computer might not be good. I know. I work from my bed and relax and catch up on my favorite shows in bed. So if you must do that, try to stop the screen time about an hour before bed.

  • Avoid evening exercise sessions if you can. They just amp your body up instead of helping it wind down.

As we move into what is often a much busier time of the year (it’s finally light in the evening! And warmer!), let’s keep in mind how much rest and relaxation our body needs and try to commit to it. I hope you’ll join me in that effort!

Rest is an important part of preparing your body to carry a child. And it helps to de-stress, which is also helpful for conception! If you’d like to discuss other ways our specialist team can help you bring a little one into your family, please schedule an appointment by calling 717-747-3099 or clicking on the button below.


Dr. Bob Filer

P.S. We can be very flexible to work with your schedule on an appointment – call us today!

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