Not Knowing is the Worst

In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

The unknown is scary.

For many women and couples, they may not have contacted a fertility specialist because they are afraid of what they might find.

And we understand that fully. Many of our staff members have also struggled with infertility.

For Saphire, a woman in Red Lion, PA, she and her husband had tried for several months to conceive a baby, but they had no success. Her OB-GYN referred us to our practice, however, she was still nervous. Not knowing what kind of tests we would run, what results we might find, or even how we would interact with her gave her pause.

She did take a chance and come in for a visit. And I’m happy to say what she found erased all those fears. She comments:

“The professional, friendly, and caring staff calmed all of those fears. They made us feel more like family than patients, and they are timely with returning test results, which was crucial to me. I felt like they wanted us to have a baby as much as we wanted to!”

Taking a step to come and meet medical providers you’re not familiar with, to help you with a scary, stressful issue such as infertility is a big deal. We acknowledge that, and make sure our patients feel comfortable and valued every step of the way. Please schedule an appointment by calling 717-747-3099 or clicking on the button below.


Dr. Bob Filer

P.S. If you’re still not sure, I challenge you to come in for just one visit. If it’s not your speed, that’s how it goes, but at least you tried to see how it might help!

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